Custom Glazed China Hagen-Renaker “Roan Lady” Online Auction

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Hagen-Renaker “Roan Lady” glazed to dapple grey by Karen Gerhardt

This is an earthenware china figurine, produced by the Hagen-Renaker company, 7″ tall x 7.5″ long, that has been custom glazed. This means that the original factory finish (white with grey mane/tail points) has been repainted to a very contrasty and complex dapple grey, using ceramic overglazes that are permanently fired into the glossy finish.

The cast mold detail is very very good, and the factory gloss finish was not overly-heavy (as some of these pieces can be). So this was a fantastic candidate for overglazing a great new color onto this piece. The piece is in perfect condition, with no breaks. The only flaw I will mention, is that the factory gloss glaze in the back of the tail has some minor bubbling. This has been covered up by new black glaze, but you can feel it if you run your finger down it. It is very minor.

I don’t believe in writing long-winded and flowery prose describing my work. I expect the work will speak for itself, or not. Here are the photos. If you click on any one, it will bring up a larger image.



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7. Buy It Now Option: Before 8:00 pm TODAY (Friday, January 12, 2018), I will accept one bid of $2150.00, to be paid in full, via PayPal, due on January 22, 2018. No time payments with this option. The first person to type in the amount of $2150.00 into the bid box below, received before 8:00 pm today ONLY, will end the auction. If this amount is not received, the sale will continue on the auction terms as described, until the deadline on Sunday.

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If you do not pay your full high bid amount by March 14th, 2018, the right to purchase will be revoked, the amount you have paid so far will be returned, and your DEPOSIT will NOT be REFUNDED. The time payment option is a courtesy offered by me; please respect/honor it.

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Karen Gerhardt, Westerly Design equine art