Karen Y. Gerhardt        sculptor and ceramist       Edwards, Colorado

We are in the middle of a move to a new house. And the new house has a great space that’s being custom remodeled into my new studio!! Therefore all work is in stoppage mode until at least July. I hope that the new studio will be such a pleasure to work in that I’ll be creatively recharged/inspired too. Check the Facebook page for most current news. 

The Westerly Design blog can be found here. I am sorry I rarely update it these days. However, I am very active on the Westerly Design Facebook page. I recommend you check there for what’s new with me! If you set it up to Get Notifications when you Like the page, you won’t miss a post.

Notice: I am not taking any commissions for custom glazing on my ceramic horse pieces at this time. Sorry! For the time being, I am happiest not having any work promised to anyone. But do subscribe to get my blog posts as emails, because I am working on glazing ceramic horses this year. I’ll be the one choosing the colors on the pieces for awhile!