Fine Bone China “Denderah” Commission Available

UPDATE: Sold, thank you!

I’ve decided to take a commission on my Denderah Arabian stallion sculpture, a very limited edition in fine bone china. To be glazed to the color of your choice.

I want to glaze one this fall but not feeling inspired on color, so you get to choose!

A few overall terms:

  1. Ideally I’d like it to be paid in full by the end of September. I want to have it finished by then because we’re leaving for Arizona and then no more kiln until December! But I may allow more time to pay depending on the commission.
  2. The finish will be glossy.
  3. Email me at or message me on Facebook with a reference photo of your idea, or at least a description of what color you’re thinking of. It can’t be any shade of chestnut, bay, or palomino.
  4. I will choose the proposal I’m interested in and then we’ll discuss price and details. Price range will be $1500-$2500 depending on complexity of color.

Thank you!

CMG Matte Black Boreas up for offers on FB

First, The Boreas Backstory

In 2004, my Boreas Percheron sculpture was put into production in English bone china by Alchemy Ceramics. To kick it off, an OF matte black edition was sold. There were 10 pieces plus 2 artists proofs. In 2005 I entered my personal artist proof into the American Academy of Equine Artists (AAEA) Annual Fall Juried Equine Art show. It was accepted, and it also won the show’s top sculpture prize, the Leonard J. Meiselman Memorial Award for Sculpture!!

I never dreamed it would win anything, and the pieces entered into the show all had to be for sale so I had to put a price on it (one which I thought was very high at the time), and it SOLD! I was pretty sad about that because my proof was really really matte and I expected to keep it. The subsequent OF ones made were all somewhere between satin and glossy. I was never able to get that super matte finish like the one in the AAEA show that sold. And I never found out who bought the piece in person at the show in Kentucky. I didn’t attend the show. I regret not doing that too! But I never dreamed I’d win an award either! Photos of this proof still remain the iconic one that I use on my website.

I’ve always thought that black was the most appropriate color for Boreas, especially because I was inspired to sculpt this work when I saw Percheron stallions like this at the National Western Stock Show in Denver:

I had lost my personal black bone china copy by accident, and I couldn’t paint another one because that would affect the integrity of the OF edition numbers. So, in 2012 I glazed one of my last remaining bone china Boreas’s to a semi-matte black with glossy hooves and eyes like the OFs… but gave this one a white star on his head! Because of this, this piece is officially a custom glaze, and it will always be one of a kind and show in custom glaze divisions.

The only reason I decided to let this piece go now, is because of this cmg (#5) dapple grey Boreas that I glazed for Jeanene Bernardin in 2006:

Jeanene was a wonderful client and patron of my art, and had a truly epic china horse collection. She passed away recently and thanks to the executor of the estate, Joanie Berkwitz, I was able to take this piece home again. It has a ton of personal meaning to me and I can’t believe he’s back here with me. I have decided to only keep two precious early dapple grey cmg Boreas’s in my collection. (Plus I still have one more bone china bisque.) Here’s my other keeper grey, the 2nd custom glaze I did on a bone china:

ANYway… on to the cmg black piece that is for sale! Here are the photos:

This is bone china custom glazed Boreas number 15, finished in 2012. It is in perfect condition, hand-painted by me in overglaze china technique. It has a semi-matte finish on the body, and glossy hooves and eyes. It has a small white star on the head. It has fabulous mold detail. It is 9″ tall in bone china. It will be shipped in a highest quality custom foam lined box, via Fedex. Or it can be delivered in person depending on where you live. I do ship internationally but it will be expensive!

I will be conducting an online auction for this piece ONLY on a post on my Westerly Design studio Facebook page. If you are not on FB I’m sure you can find someone who could bid for you. The bidding will start on Monday afternoon June 20th, and end on Thursday June 23rd at 7:00pm Mountain Time. The starting bid will be $900.00 and the final price will include shipping. There is no reserve. Time payments will be accepted. All rules for the auction will be at the top of the FB post.

Eberl “Azham” bone china cmg, for sale

High Bid: $1275 Auction has closed

Up for offers is this highly sought-after “Azham” Arabian stallion sculpture by Brigitte Eberl, made in bone china by Horsing Around. I purchased this piece years ago in unpainted bisque and custom glazed it last summer.

I glazed this piece intending to keep it for my own collection. It’s one of my favorite horse colors and I absolutely love this sculpture by Brigitte. I started it in February 2020, as my first ever NaMoPaiMo project. Then, on February 8th we got the horrible news that my husband Paul had cancer. At age 59. My world (and still is) shattered.

I couldn’t work on the glazing and it sat in the studio until last summer. Then, while painting it, it slipped out of my hand and broke the left hind leg cleanly just below the tail. I went ahead and finished the glazing and repaired the break, but that was the last straw. Sadly now I can’t look at it without thinking of bad times. He’s a fabulous work and needs to cherished by a collector.

So, I’ve decided to let it go. I’m selling it via a no-frills, best-offer auction.

Deadline is Friday March 26, 2021 at 12:00 noon, mountain standard time.

The highest bid received closest to the deadline time without being past that time, will be the winner. I will update the current high bid on this blog post and on my Facebook page.

Starting bid is $900.00. FedEx shipping is included. Sorry but no time payments. Payment in full must be received by Friday April 2, 2021.

To bid, Email Karen .

I will send you an anonymous bidder number, and then you can send me an email with each of your bids using your bidder number. Bids must be only in $10.00 increments (no bids of $123.52 for example).

Thank you.

Email Oopsie!

Denderah bone china No. 1

I think were were too many high-res photos in my blog post about the china Denderah #1 sale. So the emailed version of it decided to send no content at all! What I was trying to communicate, is that this piece is finished and ready for sale.

Here is a direct link to the sale page.
Bids are only being taken until tomorrow at 8:00pm… so don’t miss out. Thank you!