Sale: Claybody Custom China “English” Streetwise


My thanks to everyone who took an interest in the earthenware custom Streetwise in sabino last week. It turned out to be a great fundraiser for a very nice model horse event. Now, here is the second in a china trio of this sculpture that I have been working on this summer. 


This is my Streetwise Quarter Horse sculpture. Cast from his ceramic molds by me in highest quality earthenware china, and then resculpted at the greenware (unfired) stage. He has been given a braided mane and tail, resculpted head including eyes, ears, and muzzle, repositioned legs, and enhanced/added sculpting of the body musculature.

After firing to bisque, he has been glazed to a deep, deep, shaded red chestnut. The “red” palette in the new overglazes I’ve been using for a couple years now is just fabulous and I have to resist putting this color on everything!

This piece has been permanently fixed to a beautiful and lightweight clear acrylic plinth, using super strong, two-ton clear epoxy.

This is earthenware china Streetwise #3; which means that so far only three have been produced in earthenware china. One more to follow, and then I’m very done with these for a long while! They are difficult to produce and I have to hold my breath the entire time they are in the kiln or being handled.

I am offering this piece in a first-come, first-served sale: $575.00. Fedex shipping (in USA) and overseas postage is included. Preference given to someone who can pay in full. However, I do offer a payment plan of 60 days.

Time Payment Terms: You first send a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 VIA PAYPAL ONLY, within 3 days. The balance must be paid off by November 10, 2017. No exceptions or extensions. All other payments after the deposit can be made by personal check/money order if desired. You can make payments during the 2 months on any schedule you set. You can wait and pay the entire balance on Nov 10th if you like, etc.

If you do not pay the full amount by Nov 10th, the right to purchase will be revoked, the amount you have paid so far will be returned, and your DEPOSIT will NOT be REFUNDED.

If you are interested in purchasing, email Karen.

Thank you!

New Streetwise china up for auction


I’ve just completed a Streetwise in earthenware china. The first in over 6 years! It’s now up for auction as a benefit for the Southern Model Horse Convention model horse show, in the Atlanta area on October 7th. (I’ll also be attending this show; it coincided nicely with a family wedding over in Alabama.)

The auction ends on Saturday September 9th at Noon MST.

Go to this link for the auction web page.

Hello, remember me?

Wow it’s been nearly a year since I wrote something on this blog. Well here at last is an update on me and my studio. Just a reminder that most of my news action takes place on my Facebook page (until their not-page-friendly algorithm kills off artists like me). 

Some Studio News!

Hard to believe, but here on August 22, our aspens and cottonwoods are turning gold for fall. About 3 weeks early. A turn of season is a natural time for me to assess and look ahead.

This past spring we bought a new house. Across the valley from our old house. (It’s a long story!) But a big part of it was that I got a brand new gorgeous studio, that I designed myself.


Now that I have this beautiful, large, and insanely organized workspace, I can work efficiently and with pleasure on multiple projects of all kinds. I didn’t realize how the studio-wedged-into-a-bedroom in our previous house was holding me back. (I was soooo not ready to leave my great studio in Boulder when we moved to the mountains in 1991!) I don’t have to put away the glaze paints when I want to sculpt. Or put away the sculpture mess when I want to pour molds. This fall and winter I am so excited to get going on every thing at once!


After stepping back from the model horse community practically all of last year and a good chunk of this year, I’ve had a lot of time to assess and think. I came around yet again to affirming that I want to always be a part of this. For me that has to come down to new horse sculpture. As Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig has said it, I want to keep making the playing pieces for this game. I’m not that interested in showing any more, but I love knowing my clients do that with my work. I’ve been looking at my body of work with a critical eye and I can see how I’ve learned and improved, and I do want to keep going!

Soooo, a new sculpture is going to get started.

Aside: I’m sorry to say that the winged horse I showed a beginning photo of on FB last month is being abandoned for the third time, this time forever. Anyone can put wings on a horse. But my particular vision was technically difficult to produce and probably too expensive. For a fantasy niche piece. 

I am instead going to work on a trad-scale Irish Draught. In some sort of non-base-required walk or trot. If I sculpt what I love it’ll come out much better. 😃 And do I love these horses!!! Below are a few inspiration photos I pulled quickly from my print files.





I will be pulling new whiteware out of my archives and glazing them and getting them out to you. Some of them have been in the stash waaaay too long.

I will be periodically getting out my older sculpture molds and pouring earthenware pieces, and customizing them, like the 3 Streetwise I’m working on this month:


I’m at full-stop on glazing commissions until further notice. I work far happier when I’m not directed or time-constrained by anyone. Someday when I run down my own whiteware china stash and there are other interesting bisques out there, I’ll glaze yours.


I’m going full-speed into oil paintings, as a very needed break from the horse-shaped stuff. I want to always have something on the easel staring at me, for those times when the kiln is running or the clay is pushing back! The Big Red Butte shown in the studio photo above hasn’t had new paint on it for a month now but that will change. There’s a large blank wall in my new living room waiting impatiently for it!

Paul and I are not traveling much the rest of this year, not until February. (Just one trip in October to Georgia/Tennessee/Alabama!) I’m besotted with my new studio and look forward to watching the seasons change out my four windows (one at each point of the compass) as I rediscover the joy of creating.

Thank you so much for still coming along with me.

Farewell to my father

My father died four months ago yesterday. I am finally able to walk well enough (I broke my leg pretty badly on May 31st), so last night at sunset we went up to the beautiful and quiet grade crossing at Plainview, in the foothills south of Boulder. My dad’s favorite spot for train watching.

There’s a wonderful long view of the plains to the east, and the first steep slabs of the Rocky Mountains to the west. This is the main rail route that climbs out of Denver into the Rockies and west. We were there to scatter the last of his ashes right on the tracks.

Incredibly, as we were driving up we saw that there was a long freight train coming. We raced up and I had less than a minute to get the ashes on the tracks!

My vision was that every train passing over would take a bit of his ashes with them on their journey. So I was thrilled to actually see a train there when I placed them. (As I learned from many train watchings with my dad as a kid, often you wait around a lot and nothing comes.) It was the perfect train for dad; a mix of all kinds of freight cars instead of the long line of coal cars more usually seen.

I couldn’t tell which of two tracks the train was coming on, had zero time to decide, and I was initially disappointed that it was not on the one I chose for the ashes. But it was still pretty dramatic to have a train come through exactly when we were there.

It began to slow, and came to a stop right before us. To me it felt kind of dreamy/uncanny; there didn’t seem to be any reason for it to stop there. I was crying my eyes out and telling my dad farewell.

Then we realized that another train was coming the other way on the other track!!! It turned out to be only four engines coupled together. It thundered through just feet from us, right over the ashes, and I couldn’t help feeling eerily like it was some kind of honor guard salute just for dad.

After they went by, the other train moved on until the whole place was quiet again, just us and the sunset. Until the next train. Perfect, Dad.

HA “Esplendida” for sale, best offers

Bidding is closed. The final bid was $1175  JAM

This is a fabulous sculpture of a PRE mare by Brigitte Eberl, produced in fine bone china bisque by Horsing Around and newly custom-glazed by Karen Gerhardt.

If you click on any image above, a gallery will pop up where you can view them at larger size.

I am holding a best offer sale of this piece. It’s my first time trying this process so bear with me through any glitches! Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. Bidding will be only via email sent to Karen: Email Karen
  2. The highest bid in an email received before 9:00 pm MOUNTAIN time (that’s 2 hours earlier than Eastern, 1 hour later than Pacific) on Wednesday, September 7th, 2016, will be the winner.
  3. Starting bid is $950.00. I will pay shipping.
  4. Bidding must be in $25 increments only. (You can’t place a bid of $955, for example. It would have to be $975.)
  5. Your full name and mailing address MUST be included in your bid email.
  6. You must include the THREE initials you want me to use to I.D. your bid. (They can be not your actual initials/anonymous if you like.)
  7. Your bid will not be accepted if you haven’t followed all the above rules.
  8. I will periodically update the high bid amount with the initials of the person holding that bid, right at the top of this blog post. I will not respond/reply to each individual bid email. If you’re holding the high bid, it’ll show up here with your initials.
  9. You can raise your bid as many times as you like, via new emails, up until the deadline.
  10. High bidder will be contacted after the deadline. Payment must be made in full by September 27, 2016. Paypal is preferred (no Paypal e-checks) but personal check is also accepted. If mailing a check, make sure it will arrive before the deadline. Failure to pay on time will result in loss of the piece, no exceptions.

Thank you for your interest and best wishes in your bidding!

The Breyer Cleveland Bay model is 10 years old!


March 6, 2006. I walked into the casino ballroom where the Las Vegas Live model horse show was being held. And there, on the Breyer representative’s product display table, stood the very first copy of model no. 703, Tregoyd Journeyman, the Cleveland Bay. I had delivered the sculpture in February 2005 and I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about it. I was given no advance notice about the Vegas debut and just happened to choose to attend that show!!

Thus began the most fun, satisfying, and precious ten years of my life as a Breyer collector and equine sculptor. I can’t explain why having a sculpture in Breyer’s line of model horses means more to me than any of the work I’ve created in ceramic. After all, ceramic is my chosen art medium! But I was a Breyer model horse collector first—from such a young age—and I guess that will always be where my heart is.

March 6, 2016 marks the ten year anniversary for the CB Breyer model. Being the mold’s self-proclaimed biggest fan, I need to mark this anniversary year, for myself if nobody else. Though I think I am safe in saying that this mold has been a really popular and successful model for Breyer Animal Creations.

The photo collage at the top of this article shows all the colors this model has been released in since the original dappled bay color in 2006. (Not including the one-of-a-kind Breyerfest auction colors and test colors that exist.) I hope for many more appearances in the line!

Here are my photos and notes from some of the best parts of these past 10 years…


The clay sculpture, early in-progress shot


The resin master sculpture, which the model is molded from

The first time I held a CB model in my hands, at the Las Vegas Live show, March 2006. (They wouldn’t let me take it home but I sure wanted to!!)


The original packaging, including the sticker with my name. The stickers were only found on boxes for the first 6 months or so.

DCF 1.0

I met Tregoyd Journeyman, aka “Joe”, the real Cleveland Bay horse the model is a portrait of. Breyerfest 2006.


DCF 1.0

Dozens of the first models in the Breyerfest store, July 2006.


The first time I find them in a local retail store, PetSmart in Boulder CO, my home at the time. Huge thrill!


Several times over the years I’ve had the privilege of invitations to the Breyer company painting shop, to work up color ideas for the CB and other models. The colors I’ve designed on the CB include Jazz Fusion, Limerick, and Tunbridge Wells. The two pictured here are in my own collection.


In 2009-10 my husband Paul and I, and my two dogs, lived for a year in England while he was on a work assignment. I was invited by the UK Breyer distributor to spend a day at their sales booth at the London Toy Fair in January 2010, demo-ing sculpting and talking to toy industry buyers. The CB was just released in its 2nd regular line color, named O’Leary’s Irish Diamond. They kindly gave me my first copy that day. It was such a great experience!


I met the real O’Leary’s Irish Diamond at Breyerfest 2010.


In 2015 the sculpture was released in the Crystals series, a Breyerfest special run. That’s a horse of a different color!

When I got the assignment to sculpt this model, I was determined that it would be be “performance friendly”. It is absolutely my tribute to all the friends and model horse hobbyists who love to show models in performance, and to those who create the amazing scale tack and props. The equine miniaturist aspect of this hobby in all its facets is truly something special. I have also been an avid performance shower and tack collector over the years. The model has proved to be super popular in performance classes, which makes me very happy.

I have been thinking hard about what kind of special thing I could do this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary. A party?? A CB model “reunion” where we see how many models we could get together all in one place at Breyerfest this summer?? I really wish I could have commissioned a special LE color.

Then, last year I was delighted to be able to give another horse sculpture to Breyer to become a model. It is debuting in their 2016 Premier Line this year. I can’t think of any better way to celebrate my first Breyer than to have another one arrive in the world right on the 10th anniversary! I hope this new one will be as successful and beloved as the CB has been, and that they both are in production for years to come. A Breyer model that I created is the closest thing I’ll ever have to a legacy… and it couldn’t be more perfect that it is from the hobby that has given me such pleasure for my entire life, and grew into the opportunity to work as an equine artist.


I will never tire of the pleasure of seeing young collectors with their models. I was that girl once, dreaming of horses all the time… and still am.

Thank you so much for joining me on this trip down memory lane!

P.S: I am attending the Breyerwest event this month, the weekend of March 18-20 at the Northwest Horse Fair in Albany, Oregon (south or Portland). On Saturday, March 19th I’ll be in Breyer’s show area (in the Santiam building) signing CB models and demonstrating sculpting a horse, all day (9-5). Please stop over and keep me company! Here are links to the event: