Denderah Arabian Stallion Resin Edition Order Form

Edition is Closed

There is a small wait list you can join if you fill out the form below.

Traditional scale Arabian Stallion
sculpture by Karen Y. Gerhardt


The Resin Edition

Unpainted resin Denderah


The two kinds of metal bases that come with the unpainted resin

You can view more detailed photos of the Denderah sculpture by visiting the Denderah portfolio page at this link.

Denderah in unfinished resin comes with strong magnets embedded in the two hooves on the ground. He has a rectangular metal “display” base, painted in a metallic bronze color with a felted underside. The resin’s hoof magnets snap right onto that! He will also come with a small metal disc, which can be used for the “everyday” standing up of the model (placed under the front leg only); very convenient for things like when he’s being painted or shown in performance. It also has metal wires for strength, in all four legs and the tail.

The resin will require all the usual prep work prior to painting, including sanding seam lines and restoring minor details affected by the resin casting process. If you’ve never prepped or painted a resin, contact Karen and she will send an information document.

The resin edition is a maximum of 40 pieces.
The price for each resin is $375.00. USA shipping is included via Fedex (preferred) or the postal service. He can be shipped worldwide but there will be a shared cost and I’ll get you a price.


How to Place a Denderah Resin Order

Edition of 40 is now closed.

You can join the wait list in case someone with a reservation cancels. Just fill out the form below.

It’s very simple!
Just fill out the reservation form below.

DO NOT send time payments, partial payments, or a deposit.
Your reservation alone will hold a resin for you. I don’t want to be your bank or your accountant. You keep track of your own savings!

When you’ve got it together, send me an email letting me know you’re ready, and I’ll let know how to send the funds. If there is a resin in stock it will ship immediately. If I am out of resins there may be a several week wait. You don’t have to pay until I’ve got your resin in stock. If you want to give me some notice (“I think I’ll be ready to pay in 3 weeks”) I can let you know what’s in stock or if there’s a wait.

The total of the resin edition will be 40, but I may decide not to have all 40 made.

Questions?   Email Karen

Denderah Resin Reservation Form