Denderah Arabian Stallion Resin Edition

Edition is Closed

Traditional scale Arabian Stallion
sculpture by Karen Y. Gerhardt

Edition of 40, 2020

Unpainted resin Denderah

The two kinds of metal bases that come with the unpainted resin

You can view more detailed photos of the Denderah sculpture by visiting the Denderah portfolio page at this link.

Denderah in unfinished resin comes with strong magnets embedded in the two hooves on the ground. He has a rectangular metal “display” base, painted in a metallic bronze color with a felted underside. The resin’s hoof magnets snap right onto that! He will also come with a small metal disc, which can be used for the “everyday” standing up of the model (placed under the front leg only); very convenient for things like when he’s being painted or shown in performance. It also has metal wires for strength, in all four legs and the tail.