Customizing and Repair on a China "Heart of Darkness"

Here’s an interesting project I started last week. I received a bone china “Heart of Darkness” Oldenburg sculpture from casting in England, which had a flaw that showed up in the kiln. The hindquarter on the right side was pushed in. The cast is otherwise perfect and it would be a shame to just discard it! The photo below shows a perfect one on the left and the flawed one on the right:
So, with thanks and support/help from fellow ceramist Paige Patty who is a pro at this sort of thing, I am attempting a fired-clay type of repair. Plus I sculpted a new loose mane and forelock on the piece, to make him a one of a kind china! Here’s how he looks right now, while the clay dries and before sanding, touching-up, and detailing:
Then he’ll go in the kiln, and the hope is that the new clay will fuse to the existing china!