A Few Things Accomplished

Last Friday I had my first glazing session on a new matte dapple grey “Boreas” Percheron bone china sculpture. This is the glazing project that I made the special batch of matte china paint for.
This “Boreas” is going to be a “medium” dappled grey, so the hindquarters area will be the darkest area on the horse. (Well, maybe a little similarly-dark dappling on the shoulders, too.)

I finished my little Keeshond dog tile last week, and today I poured a urethane mold for it. It’ll take 24 hours to cure and I might have time tomorrow afternoon to pour a resin cast in it. I want to make pressed-ceramic tiles out of that mold; we’ll see how it goes.

I just booked what should be a great fun trip to the Northeast in June. I’m going to fly into upstate NY, then drive over to Massachusetts for a weekend of model horse shows, then drive down to Brooklyn to visit my sister and friends and go into NYC, too. Then I’ll drive back to upstate NY to join Paul at his parent’s house in our hometown of Binghamton. I love the idea of driving solo around the Northeast where I grew up and seeing some old friends in the model horse community. I did so much traveling to shows in the 1980s that I feel nostalgic for the region and the driving around. Being on my own feeds my loner soul! I definitely would always rather travel to new special places with Paul, but once I year I crave a trip by myself. I was looking for an alternative to the BreyerFest/Lexington KY trip, and this will be perfect! I can’t wait to get on the road.

Wednesday we head out to Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean, so not much else getting done this week!!