Hooray for February!

Well, thanks to our timely beach vacation at the end of January, I find myself in the new month with batteries recharged!

However, It was really, really difficult to go (in the same day) from this view:


to this view:


But I did survive it and am actually happy to be back in the studio.
My leg has nearly healed so I was able to go snowboarding last weekend for half a day! And tennis tomorrow for the first time in 3 weeks. Life is good again!

Today I tried casting a clay tile in my Keeshond mold. I think my urethane rubber mold is too “soft” for pressed-clay tiles, so I will need to make either a plaster mold or buy more rigid rubber for the next mold. The tile is being reviewed by Keeshond breeders so I’ll be making some minor revisions to the sculpture anyway. But I did make two clay tiles in the mold that I can use in a test kiln firing, to check the shrinkage etc.

I also got another session in on the matte dappled grey Boreas glazing. This piece is going to be simply spectacular; I can’t believe I have to let it go to a client, aaaugh!! Working the glaze right on the bisque is allowing for really superb detailing. Here are the latest shots:

Also, I started on my new Quarter Horse tile. These photos show how I have quickly sketched my design right onto the acrylic base, and then laid flat pieces of clay roughly down in place. (As I was putting clay down, I played a bit with the idea of a windswept mane, unlike my sketch. Not sure if it is going to stay that way.) Just the first stage in the process!
qhtilesketch qhtileclay1

And I did all that just today! Amazing!