SURPRISE! It’s a Horse!

Anyone who knows me or has been reading my blog, knows that I have been spending a lot of time in the last year or two flailing about trying to “find” my artistic self. Or I’m in a pre-retirement midlife crisis. Or, pre-menopause. Or, who knows what??? Anyway, I’ve been about as changeable as the winter winds in Boulder about my art work and whether it is work or play or…

Recently I read a horoscope that really resonated with me. Basically it said that I shouldn’t turn away from what I do best just because something I can’t control affects how I do it. (That would be for me: marketplace and work life changes). Which got me to this:

I love horse figurines, I always have. I don’t love tiles, pins, medallions, boxes, dogs, or anything like that, in the way I love figurines. Of horses. I shouldn’t listen to anything or anyone but my inner voice that has been saying (for my entire life): Karen, make horses.

So yesterday between kiln glaze firings I started another horse. It is small (only 5″) and that means when it becomes a ceramic horse it will be even smaller due to the mold and slip shrinkage. But maybe someday it will be my next horse sculpture, a little walking Morgan stallion.

I’m not promising anything! Next week, it may be dog tiles again!!