The Family Unit has Multiplied!!


We’re overjoyed to announce that we have adopted KitKat’s cousin and best kennel buddy, “Canasta”, today!!

We had a test run with him here last fall for a few days, and at that time I didn’t think I could cope with two young dogs. And Canasta is only just over a year old, and more exuberant and less trained than Kit. But I’ve been thinking about him ever since that time, and thinking how it would benefit Kit to have another dog here. My heart told me I couldn’t bear to think of Canasta going to some other home. So, today we took Canasta for good!

Canasta is on the left/front in the first photo. In the second Kit is on the left. They look very much alike unless you are looking straight into their faces. Canasta still has some growing to do yet, and his coat will change. Hmmm, I noticed that Kit could use a brushing!

It has been a blast to see them play together, and Canasta absolutely lives for his tennis ball. He’s one of those dogs that will just keep dropping the ball at your feet, and then stare fixedly at it until you throw it, over and over, forever. I went out and bought one of those tandem leashes so I can hold the 2 dogs with one leash. That’s going to take some getting used to for all three of us!

Here’s to adding a bit of chaos into our perhaps too-orderly lives, yay!! I realized that I will have to move all the breakables (ceramic horses) up higher and out of harm’s way for awhile, since ‘Nasta likes to fling himself around in his zest for the fetch!