Spring in Colorado!

Snow on the boyz this morning. Yesterday it was sunny and nearly 60°. Tomorrow it will be sunny and in the 50’s. Just a typical April on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains!

Friday we head over to Rome for our trip, so I’ll be out of contact with the rest of my world until April 28th. My parents will be watching over the house for us fortunately, and the boyz get to go back to their home-kennel for 2 weeks of “Kees Kamp”. I am ready for the world class art in Florence, and to overdose on the drop-dead-gorgeous sights that Italy and the Mediterranean sea do best. This will probably be our last trip overseas for awhile (I think we’ve actually reached Europe-fatigue) so I hope it will be the most memorable one.

I should get more photos for my “McD World” album (see this previous blog posting) of locations in Venice, Florence, Croatia, and Rome again. (I didn’t get a good shot of the McD’s at the Pantheon last time, so I intend to try again. It pretty much epitomizes the “how could they” aspect of McD’s locations right on top of world heritage sites!)

Hopefully when I get back I’ll actually feel like finishing some art work. I am long overdue for something new to offer; I need to get excited about something. Even the stuff I have started in the sculpture dept. isn’t really calling to me very hard, after promising starts. It is amazingly hard to get inspired to do even what you love to do, when you don’t really have to do it anymore (for financial reasons anyway). I think retirement will be an interesting sort of new challenge in ways I never expected.

My thanks to you for reading my Blog!