Bone China Boreas No. 6

This softly dappled medium grey with dark points was the “kiln-mate” to the light grey Boreas in the previous blog posting. I just love how this particular color makes his face look so soft and friendly. He was a commission, and is going home to North Carolina tomorrow.

I did find a buyer for the flawed light grey Boreas; thanks to everyone who inquired. I’m glad to say I could have sold about 6 of them! I should be getting more of the chinas in from England in the coming months, so be sure to get on the waiting list for a custom glazed Boreas (or Optime) if you haven’t already. It is hard to tell when I will actually receive each china, therefore I’m just putting names on a (non-binding) list, and when the china you want arrives, if you are next on the list I then contact you about it and quote a price for your color.

I ended up with a pretty large list after I announced the opening of the glazing books a few weeks ago, so don’t wait too long to get on it. I’ll reach my limit for this year soon!

I’m really really happy to see that there is still demand for these pieces. Glazing ceramics has been my creative salvation this year—it will have to keep me going until my sculpting muse comes off her extended vacation and visits me again. (She had better be doing something FUN…!)

Also: I received my ceramic molds for casting the new Keeshond dog tile in porcelain (and other kinds of ceramic) and they look great! I’m just waiting for my order of various slips to arrive, and then I’ll start pouring. I’ll post a photo of the first glazed tile when I get a chance. I received two test tiles made from the molds, which I glazed just in time for them to be taken to the Keeshond National Specialty dog show in San Francisco a few weeks back. I had to hit the ground running the week I got back from the Italy/Croatia cruise in order to make that deadline! May has been a busy month, and I have to say it feels great to be humming along so nicely and have the kiln cooking all the time. Maybe it’s just that spring has finally sprung here!

Coming in a few days: The Kiln is a Harsh Mistress, Part II: Mystery Solved!