A Little Tease

sabzara1 swaps1
These two Hagen-Renaker earthenware chinas will be for sale at the MyAuctionBarn site on Monday June 30th, for a 3-day auction.

The “Swaps” Thoroughbred was an original unglazed bisque, that I have glazed to a warm dappled bay-going-grey. The “Sheba” Arabian is one of their re-issue chinas that came out in the last few years; it started life a palomino and I have completely repainted it using fired overglazes, to a lush chestnut sabino.

I’m heading out to New York and Massachusetts starting Thursday; I’ll be back on the 29th—and unavailable via email while away. The auction link will be posted here on the 30th. (I’ll take better photos, too!)