I’m not going away totally!

A clarification from my last posting. There are many, many ways to enjoy model horses! Just because I finally admitted to myself after several years of trying to stay interested, that I am just not getting anything much out of just the showing part of it anymore, doesn’t mean I am not still participating in other ways. (If you think about how many other major equine artists serving the model horse hobby don’t participate in showing, you’ll see I’m not alone.)

I will always be an avid collector, of both plastic and ceramic model horses and horse art. I’m never giving up on horse art. It will be produced in ceramic, and that will still be offered to my main customer base, who are model horse collectors! I do think it is wise for me as an artist marketing to the hobby to take a big step back off the discussion forums. I will be writing this blog as my communication and commentary channel. So don’t write me off totally, thanks!

Just a heads-up to those who I know are waiting for this auction:

The auction will start on Wednesday, July 23rd, as a 5 day auction on MyAuctionBarn. That will allow everyone who went to BreyerFest to get back and use any unspent funds! By the way, he won two NAN cards at the “China Buffet” model horse show in June (1 in workmanship and 1 in breed), and is also qualified to show at the Region 10 Regionals show.