Wrapping up the week

We seem to be finally done with the summer heat wave, and now we’ve been getting cooler weather and rain. That means incredible thunderheads in the evening, like this view I shot from my bedroom porch. Whenever I get around to taking my landscape oil painting classes, I want to paint skies like this!
I’ve been picking on Clarity, though not too much this week. Still going back and forth on the legs. I like the right front leg, but the other three are still giving me fits in hoof sizing and positioning, leg length and overall proportions. This shot shows some of the muscle detailing I’ve started to define on the right side, too. (When I get frustrated with the legs I work on the body instead!)
I’m about to go on vacation for a week (camping near Telluride, Colorado), and I was hoping to get these two “Boreas” china glazings finished before I go. Not to be, though. I got pretty far along but now I’m down to the details like eyes and hooves and they can’t be rushed; that sort of thing still takes quite a few firings.

I am so very familiar with “Boreas” after all these years, but I still do a little double-take each time I pick up one of the smaller “Halfling Boreas’s”. It was created by using the stereolithography and rapid prototyping process—where your sculpture is scanned into a CAD file, then a smaller-scale 3-D prototype can be created. In “Halfling’s” case, the file was accidentally reversed—resulting in a perfect mirror image of the sculpture! I decided to go ahead and send him for china casting anyway, for a unique difference! There were only 24 of those cast, so it was nice to glaze another one of those for a change.

Back to work on the 24th, hopefully re-energized from a week of play!

Oh by the way, I was looking at the settings for this blog and I noticed that I had the comments set to where only those with Google accounts could post a comment. I have re-set that to “anyone”, and you can also post anonymously. So feel free to post your suggestions and comments! I welcome your input on everything. I have put it on moderation, where I get to review each comment first, just to see how it goes initially. I won’t delete thoughtful and constructive criticism/feedback, but I do insist that this be a rudeness-free space.