It can’t be October yet!

Well, so much for September!
I didn’t get the work done on glazing that (I thought I) had planned for, and things are going to continue to be slower than usual in that department. I thank everyone for your patience! I don’t take on many commissions in a given month for exactly this reason–I want to be free to take on new and interesting things as they come up. I did complete a fun graphic design project for Breyer in September. I look forward to seeing that out in print! September was also busy with my entire family coming in for a visit.

October will be another hugely busy month, with lots of travel. On the 10th I am going to Portland for a 4 day weekend to (finally) hold a kiln-warming for my friend Roxy, who finished building a brand new ceramics studio in her house this year. We’ll be attending a small model horse show that weekend, too.

Then I was thrilled and surprised to be invited to the Breyer “Velvet Rope” event as their guest. I’m going to host an introduction to sculpting session, and attend the factory tours and the dinner. I’ll be going out to New Jersey 4 days earlier to spend a couple days in their painting department working on some new colors for their horses. That takes care of the whole week of Oct 20th. Whew, that doesn’t leave much time in the month!

The stucco work on our house is progressing. Our yard is being sacrificed to the cause, but we can really see what it is going to look like now. Next week they will put on the final stucco layer, which will be the actual color, too. Right now it’s still just grey plaster:

We sure can’t wait until it is all finished.

I may have some really really astonishing news to share, next week.