The first earthenware Optime glazed

I finished glazing the first of the 6 earthenware Optime’s last week. I need to ask my ceramics colleagues whether they think that earthenware china holds details in the bisque casting better than bone china. Because it sure looks like that is the case when I put them side by side! There are little sculptural details in the earthenware I realize I haven’t seen for a long time (that are in my original sculpture) because I’ve only had bone china copies of it for years. I suspect also that Donna Chaney, being an equine sculptor herself, is doing a better, more painstaking job of leaving in or restoring details, etc., when cleaning the castings.

If seen side-by-side, you’ll be able to tell the difference between a bone china and an earthenware Optime, by the whiter whites and smaller size of the bone china. Either way they glaze up beautifully!