Results of the Contest!

I want to thank all 25 people who took the time and effort to enter my little essay contest this month.

I read them and pondered them over the last 2 days, and I decided that I can’t decide. I set myself up with a contest that is entirely too subjective to be judged by me. (Which is why I’ll never be a teacher or a critic or even judge anything anymore. Writing, like art, is so intensely personal, who am I to say someone’s work is good or bad? I know, I’m too soft-hearted and wishy washy, but there it is.)

I really thought all the entries were wonderful, especially how articulate they were within the 50-word stricture! And it really did help me to gain insights into what ceramic horses means to at least a small slice of my customer base. It pretty much mirrors my own reasons for loving both the subject and the media so much, that it’s all I want to create now! So I thank you again for participating.

Back to “not choosing”. I decided to put all the entries into a lottery and let the Boyz decide. I have chosen a lottery in the past this way, with my previous dog Panda, and it is a total hoot. I wrote the names of all 23 entries (sadly I had to eliminate 2 for going over the 50 word limit) onto string tags, tied them to dog biscuits, put them on a plate and let the dogs choose 3 biscuits. Kit chose twice and Kanab chose once. (Kanab is the greedy and impetuous one and he dived in so hard it was all I could do to keep him from not taking 3 biscuits in his mouth at the same time!!) Kit, being ever so much more polite and dignified, waited there to be asked to take a biscuit, so I let him do it twice.

Kanab dives in.

Kit with one of his choices (after I pulled it out of his mouth!)

After they choose one I have to chase them down and get the tag away from them. (I wouldn’t put it past them to swallow that too!) So it was hard to get a good photo. But the choosing couldn’t be more random and I do have three winners! And the Boyz got a few treats.

The “Hadrian” goes to: Vanessa Jones
The “Boreas” Head goes to: Vonda Shilling
The KLF mare and foal medallion goes to: Sharon Sherwood

If the winners would email me, we can discuss what color you’d like your pieces to be glazed next month.

We’re off to upstate NY for Christmas with Paul’s parents this week. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and my best wishes to you and yours for a healthy, happy, and prosperous (recession-free I hope!!) New Year.

PS: Paul now has a new start date for his job in the UK: Jan 12th. So I get him for a few more weeks. The Brit Gov’t must have all taken off for the holiday because they haven’t approved his work papers yet. Supposedly any day now…! As soon as that happens we will have to fly to Houston for an interview with the British Embassy! (Houston is the closest US city to us with an embassy.) So we’ll have to drop everything and go do that probably the week after Christmas if the approval comes this week.