Update on the England move etc.

Well, Paul is headed off to England on Sunday. He still has to come back here to complete the visa process, but he couldn’t wait any longer. His new job has some upcoming deadlines and they really needed him to be there. So it looks like he might be gone 3 weeks. At least he will be looking at housing and will almost certainly sign a lease before he comes back here. Then he’ll have someplace to call home in Feb besides a hotel room! He’s taking the camera and will be sending me photos of the most promising houses. #1 priority: close to his office and a yard for the dogs!!

I guess this means this all is really happening!! I honestly didn’t allow myself to believe it until now. Starting next week I will be on my own. That should mean that I will be really really productive, because I am such a loner and Paul is pretty much my social life and sole companion. I may not be able to notice the difference between weekends and weekdays! I’m glad I have settled myself with a lot to do between now and the end of May, because hopefully it will mean the time will pass quickly.

I decided not to take on any more custom glazing commissions. Just finish up what I agreed to do. And then I want to glaze a few pieces to my choice of color and offer them for sale. It has been a long time since I did that and I have some great china pieces here that are begging for my attention.

And of course my other goal to finish both the “Clarity” sculpture and the little walking Morgan, so I can take them to England for ceramic molding.

It looks like I will be going down to Tucson in April. My family will be getting together there and it will be my last chance to see them all together for awhile, maybe! It should coincide with my 50th birthday on the 17th, so I guess we’ll have a party. Which is a good thing because left on my own I’d be trying mightily to ignore it completely. I realize I haven’t had a birthday party in decades! It just never was my thing, and especially once I was past 30!