Making progress

I thought I’d share two bone china pieces that I finished glazing this past week.

An Eberl/Horsing Around bone china “Sharif” Arabian stallion in matte finish.
The grey tobiano Boreas.

The Sharif is going out to Jeanene Bernardin of California. It was the first Sharif I have glazed so far. Lovely, lovely sculpture and what a pleasure to do all that dappling on the matte bone china finish. I have another commission in the queue, and I bought two of these myself. I hope to get at least one of mine glazed before May!

The Boreas is heading to Jo Ellen Arnold’s collection in Virginia. He certainly is a splendid-looking boy with his striking splash of white to set him apart!

My thanks to Jeanene and Jo Ellen for being such great patrons of my work and their patience with my lack of production at the end of last year!

Update on the England Housing Question:
Paul and I exchanged emails Friday morning which both said the same thing: the “country” Maidenhead house, emphatically! We put in an offer for the rental so I hope we get it!

As much as I like the idea of trying a city lifestyle, I think truly what we’ll need at home is as much normalcy as possible. There will be more glitches and hassles to come I’m sure, so we should choose “easy” when it is offered! (That house was the only one that was furnished.) There will be so many new things to experience as it is!

I would like my typical day to be at least somewhat like here and I love love love our serene Boulder neighborhood. I admit I feel a little tense and stressed just looking at the Windsor street shots Paul sent. I’ve been to Windsor and it is not even a big urban city by any means! But I love peace and green surroundings best; it feeds my artistic soul. I’m not one of those artists that gets inspiration from edgy strife or angst!

Next on the studio workbench:
A Caprice, another Boreas, another Sharif, an Optime, a Breyer porcelain “Giselle” (BreyerFest ’09 donation), and the Contest prizes. (The Contest Hadrian is already about half finished.) After those are done, whatever else I glaze is totally up to me, yeah!