Attack of the dappled tomato!

I have a bunch of finished pieces going out this week.
Here is the dappled bay Caprice, a lot different now from how he looked in this post! He’s going home to Jeanene Bernardin in California. Lucky girl! I need to add a bay like this to my own collection.

Next are the finished contest pieces:

This week I’m starting on quite a few new things. I really only have another month for glazing, and then I must switch to the sculptures. I have to put all the art supplies and tools I want to take to England into the shipping crate, in mid-April!

I’m going to attempt to “save” this Hagen-Renaker “Roan Lady”. It has a big glaze drip with air bubbles in the belly, and a very very flat painting job. Can this piece be saved and changed to an amazing new color instead? Stay tuned!

I am also glazing another Boreas head, to dapple grey:

Lastly, I present you the DAPPLED TOMATO!

No, this is not a hot new horse color fad I’m creating! This horse will ultimately be a dappled black, the kind that has subtle reddish-gold coloring in the pangare areas and the ends of the mane, tail, and forelock. But right now, before I start painting the black, he definitely is the dappled tomato!

I also need to complete an Optime, a Boreas, and the Breyer “Giselle”. It is hard to say whether I’ll have any more time to glaze some pieces that are not on the commissions list.

I bought my one-way airline ticket to England yesterday. The dogs and I are flying on May 26. Hooray! Paul moves into the Maidenhead house on March 9. There was a month’s delay because the owner of the house had a delay in his move. He is relocating to Dubai! (And I thought we were moving to a new “foreign” land, whew!) So Paul has been in a short-term apartment in Windsor this past month. He’s been running on the parklands around Windsor Castle; I’m so jealous. He’s going to Istanbul tomorrow on business. I’m even more jealous!!!