The Tomato… not any longer!

Here is what the “dappled tomato” looks like in his finished dapple black color!

You can see how much carefully airbrushing layers of only black glaze backed off the bright red tones originally in the base color. I had to put a pretty strong side/below light on the piece in order to get the brown areas to light up in these photos. To the casual eye in average natural light, he will look pretty much like a black horse. Happily, he no longer will make anyone think of a tomato when Kim Knight of California shows him off!

Also this week I finished up the dapple liver chestnut tobiano Boreas. Definitely the last pinto china Boreas I’m glazing! Didn’t he come out nice? I love his head markings. He’s going home to Rhoda Wirtz in North Carolina.

I’ve been casting Keeshond dog tiles like mad this past week. I successfully made a second plaster mold from the rubber master mold, so now I can make more of them faster. In fact I need to run down to Denver and get more plaster so I can make yet another because my first one is pretty much played out. (And I figured out why some of them were curling down at the corners when drying so I no longer have bulgy convex tiles!)

The Keeshond National Specialty show (all Keeshond breed championship show) is in Colorado Springs in May and I am determined to have a bunch of finished tiles in frames, and jewelry and trinket boxes, in time to take there. The show is the week before we fly to England so by then I’ll be all packed and ready to leave—and looking for something else to take my mind off that! Spending a couple days in beautiful Co Springs will be just the thing.