Greetings from Across the Pond!

Well…. actually…. not yet. Sorry!! I couldn’t resist the joke based on this photo. It’s the lake by my house, and this time of year we Coloradoans are heard saying that our state looks “like Ireland”. In just a few short months all the grass will turn brown when the spring rains are gone. So we love May and June for the green!

I’ve got 10 days to go! A teensy little voice in the back of my head has been screaming, “OMG OMG OMG OMG!” for a few weeks now. Like, are we crazy to just pick up and move like this?? Well this close to going, the voice in the front of my head still answers a resounding “NO!”. But right now it’s like the day before going on a vacation: thinking what have I forgotten… only multiplied a hundredfold!

All joking aside, I really am ready to GO! All the last details are just about taken care of. The dogs are booked on my British Airways flight (pretty much the last thing to obsess about because they wouldn’t let us book dogs onto flights until 2 weeks before). Paul’s nephew is set to move in on the day we leave next week.

All my work is done. The studio is packed up and cleaned up. Fido the Kiln has been unplugged (sob!). I will miss him for sure! I still hold out hope for getting a tiny kiln (which I must name Lil’ Yapper) while in the UK. But after the last year of nothing but glazing china, I honestly don’t care if I pick up the airbrush for a loooong time. I’m ready to run my fingers through raw clay and china slip instead. Native British slip at that! Wooo!

I probably won’t write again until next week when I log in from my new “studio” (aka the reception room) in our house in Maidenhead, Berkshire, United Kingdom. The Boyz and I could use your best wishes for a smooth, uneventful flight across the Atlantic.

(Should I rename my studio “Easterly Design” temporarily? I’ll certainly be east of the USA…!)