News from my UK Art Room

Here is a first look at the sculpture I started recently. It is to be a type of horse found here in Britain called a Heavyweight Show Cob. I just smile and smile every time I have seen one of these horses. I’m just plain drawn to their short-legged, fat-butted, roman-nosed sturdiness. Probably the kind I’d need if I ever were to take up riding. And I’m seeing them a lot over here, as they are quite a popular horse for all kinds of riding.

As a sculpture, it will have a nice element of versatility for me in the china finishing department. If I add feathering to the legs and sculpt in a mane on a greenware piece, it can then become a Gypsy Cob, which come in interesting pinto colors. This sculpture is “traditional” scale, in model horse collecting terms.

I have also given it what I think is the perfect name: ROUNDABOUT!
It ought to be my most precious souvenir/memento of my time here, appropriately “born and raised” in the UK!

It’s been far too long since I finished a sculpture and I am so hoping that “Roundabout” will be the vehicle to take me down my re-energized artistic road.