Back in Colorado by June!

I know many of you already got this news over on Facebook, but for those of you who are not FB fans… 

My big news this week, is that we’re leaving England early. Paul decided to retire since he was eligible to do so in May after 30 years with the same company. He’s been contemplating it for many years, and knew it was going to come up as an option during our stay here. Perhaps if his work life here had been better, he might have chosen to stay on. We also have some family issues (not the least being Paul’s dad now being on his own) so we’re feeling the need to be back there. 

I’m totally grateful to even have had a full year here; must maximize what time we have left, for sure! We don’t yet know how long the house lease over here will go past Paul’s official last day of May 21, but I think the Boyz and I will be flying back around May 15th. I want to fly home first with the dogs, in case something happens and they don’t get on the flight or something. Then at least someone will still be here in the UK to collect them back! 

It’s a little crazy to start back into move-mode again since I feel like I just recovered from the last one. And I have such mixed feelings about going back after just a year, that I feel torn in two!! I found it surprisingly hard to leave Colorado last May and I miss so many things about it (and life in the USA) very much. Being over here has deepened my appreciation and love of my country more than I every would have thought possible! But living in the UK has been simply a dream come true, too, and fascinating in so many ways. I’m going to be streaming my favorite UK radio station on the computer when I get back! It will feel strange not to know the daily news of the UK, after getting so up to speed with it. (At least I’ll be here through their elections this spring. If I could vote, I’d be a Tory!) But then again, I don’t know what’s going on in the US much now. I think this experience will leave me seeking out more international news on the web, since you sure don’t get it in the regular USA media.

I am really anxious to get back to my studio and kiln of course. Having all my sculpture’s ceramic molds now will be opening a lot of possibilities for me. Knowing I can cast my own work will affect how I produce new work in future. And being able to glaze again, yessss! I was burned out from it after last spring but I’ll be ready again by summer. I’m hoping I can finish at least the “Roundabout” sculpture before I go, but it is amazing how distracting it is being here, work-wise. So many other interesting things to do in a day! Especially once winter is over…

Anyway, that’s the latest!