Welcome to my Blog’s new home

If you’ve landed here via the web you’ve found my blog’s new home and I thank you for coming. If you just signed up for the email feed and you get this as an email, can you drop me a quick note to let me know you saw it to westerlydesign@gmail.com? Still checking to see how fast this all arrives various places.

Thank you!


Some Actual News:

Myself and a bunch of model horse hobby china artists, collectors, and friends are organizing a fundraising effort to help out Melissa Gaulding and her husband Herman who are in financial straits right now due to medical bills. I’ve chosen a custom glazed horse from my own collection and will be auctioning it on MyAuctionBarn, with all the money going directly to Melissa. It should be up in a day or two. Also, a central web page is being developed soon which will list all the donations offered for sale or auction by everyone taking part. I’ll post it when known.