Rare “Heart of Darkness” china glazed by Alchemy for sale

I’ve just sent a rare china piece from my collection for sale to the MyAuctionBarn site. It’s a “Heart of Darkness” Oldenburg in bay going grey glazed for me by Alchemy back when we were just getting started with the Heart of Darkness chinas (an edition that never really happened).

Why are there two of them in the photo? You’ll just have to go and read the story on the auction page here:


Note: for some reason sometimes you have to go back and click the link here a second time in order to get to the MAB listing. It seems to be a flaw with the auction site.

I am also going to be selling the Breyer Porcelain “Giselle” and “Gilen” custom glazed to dark bay later this week. It’ll be a set-price sale listed here only.