And now for something completely different


What did I do this week? I went off on a wild tangent and finished one of my “Roundabout” British Cob sculptures in a cobalt blue art glaze! Just because I CAN. That’s one of the many compelling reasons to own the ceramic molds of my own work. Yes, yes, the best reasons are the direct artistic control of the whole process and the ability to customize a work while in greenware. But because I can make as many pieces as I want (until the molds expire), I can also make fun things like this. Instead of having to be all serious and realistic all the time. I know that “serious” is what my clients want, but funny thing, I am most in love with my sculpture work when it is BLUE. I’m keeping this one!

And because I love the look and feel of art glazes on ceramic horses, I am planning a new trend where for every couple realistic pieces I glaze, I will produce one in art glaze. I want to have all of my various sculptures out in fun glossy candy colors! So stay tuned to this space or the Facebook page for those pieces coming up for sale.

I was just thinking how much I loved my Grandmother’s Fiestaware dishes when I was a little kid. The colorful glazes they used looked like this, with the color sinking darker into the low parts of the simple designs, and the raised parts being lighter. So many impressions from our childhood still resonate within us.