Spring production news

Welcome Spring!
I was traveling most of April. Here’s one of the places where we were…!

Greatwall3The Great Wall of China

And it seems like much of the winter I was not working very hard. (Lots of ways to play when living in a ski resort town!) But now I’ve got GOALS! I’m sharing a vendor booth in the main Covered Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park during BreyerFest, this July. I am mostly doing this to have a convenient “home base” to hang out in right in the center of the action for the three days of the model horse madness that is BreyerFest. But I’m getting the booth also to put my work out there and seen, which is always a good thing, even if I am in retirement mode more or less. (Not working too hard.)

Anyway, to the Goals. I want to have examples of all my various sculptures that are still available in ceramic. I will be busy from now, making all those pieces. All of them will be for sale. Because I think it’s silly to keep them back and out of the hands of my good customers—just to sell in Kentucky—what I’ve decided to do is this: when I’ve got a BF-bound piece finished, I’ll post it here and to my Facebook page for sale first-come, first-served. If you’re the buyer and want to pick it up in person in Kentucky, great. It will be reserved for you there. If you are the buyer and are NOT going to be in KY, great, I will still take it to KY for display, and then ship it to you when I get back. (Or maybe a friend could pick it up for you in KY?) If a piece is not pre-reserved, someone can buy it on the spot for cash at BreyerFest. If I can get wi-fi in the Horse Park, I’ll let you log in to PayPal at the booth and pay that way, too.

Here is the list of what I HOPE I will get done for BreyerFest:

CAPRICE Warmblood, earthenware art glazed color (soft blue)

OPTIME Arabian, earthenware custom glazed color (TBD)

OPTIME Arabian, earthenware art glazed color (TBD)

HALFLING BOREAS Percheron, 2 pieces, earthenware art glazed color (TBD)

HALFLING BOREAS Percheron, 2 pieces, earthenware custom glaze color (TBD)

BOREAS Percheron, earthenware custom glaze color (TBD)

ROUNDABOUT British Show Cob, earthenware, 2 pieces, custom glaze colors, dappled grey


JUNIPER Gypsy Vanner, earthenware (only if I get the molds from the UK in the next monrh or so)

Custom glazed Arabian Head tiles

I will probably fail to get all these done (after all, now it is almost SUMMER in the Rockies, more ways to PLAY!) but I will try.

In closing, below are photos of what else I’ve been working on recently. This is a claybody customized Roundabout cob, now a Gypsy Cob. It is remaining in my own collection for now, but I may yet offer him for sale. Customizing greenware is fraught with danger; it was really difficult to add all that clay to the legs, sculpt it, and not have them fall off at some point! I was hardly breathing during the 2 days it took to complete him. I’m glazing him this week to a silver dapple with high sabino whites.

P.S.: I am sorry I don’t update this website as often as I should. I confess that all the action is on my Facebook studio page these days. FB makes it SO easy and effective to write and post photos quickly, and I am posting a lot of in-progress photos and other news there. I am reaching far more people via FB than this blog, now. All the “cool kids” are on Facebook these days and I encourage you to get on over there and “like” my page. That way you’ll really get the up-to-the-minute news.

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