Summer production news

As far as I’m concerned, when the daily temperature gets consistently over 70° and I can wear sandals all the time, it’s summer. So here is my summer news.

First off, I am not going to be sitting at a booth in the BreyerFest main covered arena in Lexington in July. The deal just got too complicated with too many people involved. And I learned that the traffic in the arena is so intense that I wasn’t sure that putting out a bunch of ceramic horses without investing in a glass cabinet was going to be a good idea. So I will be roaming around anonymously at BreyerFest on Friday and Saturday rather than parking in one place! I was just getting into making the items for the event. Now I will be selling them via this blog/Facebook instead of reserving them for Kentucky. I had a bad experience with MyAuctionBarn last week with the Gypsy Roundabout, so I will not longer be auctioning anything. It’s set price from now on.

The first one I have completed is a “Caprice” sport horse in earthenware ceramic, finished to a really gorgeous art glaze color I’m calling “jade”. Like all the incredible jade art I got to see in China and Taiwan last month. Because it is earthenware which doesn’t shrink much, it is a large piece—8″ tall—similar to the original resin size. A couple pictures are below, and I’m asking $300 postage paid. There were only two Caprice chinas made in earthenware so far. Caprice is the oldest of my sculptures in ceramic and I keep thinking the mold is going to give out. But so far, aside from having to clean up more stuff in the greenware, it’s not tanked yet.

DSCN0905 DSCN0906

Today I’ve got two “Roundabout” cobs in the kiln for a bisque fire, along with a large “Boreas” Percheron. If you responded to my recent Facebook post asking for a firm count of those who definitely wanted to get a Roundabout china, I’ll be contacting you to see if you’d like one of the ones in the kiln. I can start glazing it next week. The Roundabout mold is almost spent and I don’t think I’m going to ask for a new one to be made. Right now I’ve got 7 names on the list and I’m not sure if I can make even 7 more. But if you will want one in the coming year I need to know now.

The Boreas currently firing has been resculpted to have proper Percheron show braiding in the mane and tail. I had to move the mane from the left side to the right, and resculpt the tail. I hope he fires into bisque OK! I have one person holding an “option” on this guy but if they decide not to go for him, I’ll glaze him and offer him up for sale. He’s screaming to be solid black but that would be kind of uninteresting to paint! Here’s a photo of the resculpting in progress, where I’ve moved the mane and roughed in the braid line on the crest:


Regarding the “Juniper” Gypsy edition, 6 out of the 10 bone china pieces are in the mail and I’m still waiting for them to arrive on these shores. The rest will be mailed in the next couple days. Once I’ve approved them all (and we don’t need to make any more due to damage or whatever) then the molds will be shipped here from England. So I guess I won’t get those until sometime in July. I plan to dive right into glazing the bone chinas as soon as they arrive.

Well that is enough news for now! Thanks for following me.


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