First two Juniper Gypsy Cobs completed!




Here are photos of the first two (of 10) English bone china Juniper Gypsy Cobs that I have finished. (Only 3 3/8″ tall!) Complete sets of photos are in albums here:

Dapple Grey Tobiano

Dappled Palomino

The bone china Junipers were pre-sold last spring to pay for the moldmaking in England. So these are not for sale. UNLESS all 8 people pass on these, then they will be offered to the public! (The pre-sale terms included a sort of lottery sale process. 8 people can choose one as they come up or pass on them.)

I will update this blog if one of these pops up for public sale. I am still waiting for the molds to arrive from the UK so that I can start casting earthenware china Junipers. Hopefully any day now!