Rare Offering: Streetwise bone china on china base



Post update: SOLD!

I’m doing a little collection-assessment and came across this piece which I decided to find a new home for. This is my “Streetwise” Quarter Horse gelding sculpture from 2002. This is a very rare one of only 4 pieces that exist made on a bone china base. There were 3 pieces created this way and painted by Alchemy Ceramics, marked as artist proofs, back when we were planning the edition in 2003. I still own one of the three test colors (buckskin tobiano). The long bone china bases proved very difficult in production (they all warped a bit), and that’s when I decided to produce the bone china pieces without the china base. I glazed each one and then glued it to a transparent plexiglas base instead.

This is the only Streetwise on the china base that was also glazed/finished by me, in 2003. It is very early glazing work for me; one of the first I ever finished. I actually started it while I was in England learning how to paint with overglazes at the Alchemy studio. I brought it home and finished it in my (brand-new) kiln. This grey pinto is all hand-done, with a lot of pretty directional hair-texture look in the grey areas. It has my Westerly Ceramics old logo (now new again, ha ha) on the underside of the base and on the belly of the horse. The base is warped just a little bit but it doesn’t wobble or anything. It is in pristine condition, and because there’s so much white the beauty of the bone china really comes through.

A complete set of photos can be seen in this ALBUM.

He has a NAN card in custom glazed breed halter good through 2017. Own a little piece of Westerly Ceramics history! I’m asking $700.00 postage paid to anywhere.

Contact me if interested. Thank you!

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