“Oliver” foal sculpture custom glaze at auction



I’ve just completed glazing this piece, and it is now at auction on the MyAuctionBarn site. It ends on Saturday.

Here is the screamingly cute “OLIVER”, sculpture of a Halflinger foal created in 2010 by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig. He has been molded for ceramics and cast by Lesli Kathman in earthenware. Lesli confirms that only THREE Olivers have been glazed to date, so that makes this one is #4. A very very rare piece for the collector, indeed!

Oliver in earthenware china stands 4″ tall and is 3 3/4″ long. I’ve been using the nickname “Tripod” while I was glazing him, because he stands on three legs with the front ones crossed. He’s got his little baby tongue sticking out and is seriously to-die-for equine cuteness personified.

I have finished this guy in glossy, using an oveglaze painting technique and the highest quality, vibrant and permanent overglaze colors. The colored glazes are fired INto the clear gloss glaze surface at a kiln temperature of 1325°. He took 4 passes through the kiln to complete. He is a baby-bay tobiano pinto. He is marked “kyg 2014” on the belly, to let you know I glazed him. No room for anything else there! 🙂

This is the Auction Direct Link.

You can see all of Oliver’s photos here.

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