Summer’s Over!


The above photo is from last year, October 4th to be exact. I’m not ready for snow quite yet!


The aspen leaves are starting to turn, the hummingbirds have left on their winter migration, the nights are getting cooler, and snow has been spotted on the highest peaks. That means summer is about done here in the Colorado high country. Bring on fall! My favorite season. Time for change, new starts, and getting out of summer clothes. (I’ve always loved fall clothes; jeans and long sleeves and jackets are flattering to everyone! 🙂 )

Fall in the studio usually means getting back to work after a summer of play! I’ve already been busy pouring ceramics molds of my work. Here is what I’ve cast so far:


These pieces (2 Boreas Percherons, 2 Optime Arabians, 2 Roundabout cobs, and a Juniper, so far) are intended for a special project later this month. Stay tuned for news about that, especially via the Facebook page. I’ve run out of wet-box space so I can’t cast any more until I finish customizing the Roundabout and put one of those big Boreas together!

The only thing I accomplished in the Art Dept. this summer were these Bighorn Ram pins. These were sculpted by me and cast in porcelain, and then I glazed them into 5 different colors. There are 50 total. They are thank-you gifts for a local hiking group Paul and I are involved with here. I have a few left over, and I’m offering one of each color for sale. (There was also a cobalt blue color but there were only a few of those and they’re gone.) They measure 1 1/8″ and have a pin-tack back.


For sale are:

1. Dark Purple, $20 ppd
2. Custom glazed realistic color (on top of a cream colored glaze with brown flecks), 1 of only 2, $40 ppd
3. Violet, $20 ppd
4. Light teal, $20 ppd
5. Green, $20 ppd

These are available now, first-come, first-served, only one per person. Please specify the color that you want, and give 2nd choices. To buy, send an email to: Email Karen. Or if you are reading this on Facebook, you can contact me via Message. 

Have a lovely fall season!