A little gallery of recent work during ski-season hiatus

Welcome to 2015! I’m deep in the middle of the fun winter season here in Colorado’s Ski Country. Which is why I am glad to find myself at a moment in the studio where I’ve got nothing promised and nothing planned! I will eventually be glazing some of the whiteware china horses I’ve got stashed away, and I do have an idea for a new sculpture I want to pursue. But for now, I’m resting on my laurels, ha!

Also on my (very small) to-do list this winter, is a rework of this website. I’m planning to convert it to a gallery/photo style site, and far less of a blog. In fact the blog entries will be found via menu or button, instead of featured on the main page like it is now. I just have to figure out how to change themes in WordPress! So if you try to get here and nothing happens, the site is under construction not gone forever!!

I noticed I haven’t updated this blog since October. Here are some photos of ceramics work finished in the last couple years or so, that I haven’t shown here before. (Most all of my “action” is over on my Facebook Page now, so I tend to neglect this site. Sorry!)

Custom glazed “Lancelot”.
Warmblood sculpture by Brigitte Eberl, produced in fine bone china by Horsing Around of the UK.

I purchased four pieces from this sold-out edition in bisque, two more to come!!

lancelotGreyside lancelotGrey1 lancelotChestnut1 lancelotChestnut5

Art-glaze color “Juniper” Gypsy Cob, and “Heart of Darkness” Oldenburg, earthenware chinas sculpted and cast by me

I confess to doing far too many art glazes this year. But I love them and want to promote them!

JunPintoArtGlaze metallicCopperSmHoD

“Boreas” Percheron, customized earthenware china, satin finish black with resculpted mane and tail, and added braiding/decoration. Sculpted and cast by me.



“Jamil” Arabian, custom glazed rosegrey, satin finish.
Sculpture by Brigitte Eberl, produced in fine bone china by Horsing Around of the UK.

Jamil4 Jamil1

“Boreas” customized with new mane and tail and leg feathering, blue roan Belgian. Sculpted and cast by me.


“Roundabout” British Cob, customized earthenware: loose mane/tail and resculpted head. Currently bisque. Sculpted and cast by me. What color will this one be??