Custom Glaze Commission Chosen

I made my decision about which china piece to glaze (from a group of GREAT proposals). The owner of the chosen one has already been contacted privately.

Many, many, thanks to everyone who sent in an idea. I want to let you know that I am keeping ALL of them here in a folder, and I may still contact you at some other time to glaze your chinas.

I decided to not take on more than one this season, because I do have some glazing projects of my own I want very much to complete. My #1 priority for this fall is to finish this new action Arabian sculpture, tentatively named “Ghazir” which means “exultant, rapturous, cheerful, exuberant” in Arabic.


I hope you have a wonderful autumn season. It’s my favorite time of year here in the Colorado High Country. As the Aspens start turning all shades of gold and orange, we are on the lookout for the first signs of snow on the high peaks!