Arabian Stallion Sculpture Update

Just a quick note about the new work, which is 99.999% complete as of this writing. And hello to all the new subscribers to this mailing list. Thank you for joining!

Arabian Stallion, 8.25″ tall










Arabian Stallion, 11″ long






(NOTE: The raised foreleg is the thing that needs to be fixed. We are currently vacationing in Arizona and even though I brought my work with me, I didn’t bring the one tool I need to reposition that leg! So it must wait until I get back to the studio. Same for the ability to take professional studio photos, ha.)

I’ve moved into fact-finding on prices, quantities, and timing for resins and bone chinas of this work. (I am also probably going to change the name, which is why I’m referring to it as “Arabian Stallion” for now.) No resin sales will happen before early 2020, and chinas will probably take much MUCH longer… so please stay tuned.

Many thanks as always for your support of my work!