Denderah Arabian Sculpture Completed


Today I have officially finished the Denderah Arabian Stallion sculpture.

It takes me so long to get work done these days (blame our active, travel-y, fun retirement life!) that I forget how great it feels to finish something!!! Hooray!

I quickly took a bunch of “raw” photos of the work with my phone, for my resin casting and bone china producers to see the horse and give me price quotes. If you’d like to see these too (DISCLAIMER: bad phone photos with lots of perspective distortion!!!!!) go to this link on google drive. You can see him dance with a can of Coke Zero since he’s not mounted to a base. ☺️

I will make a gallery of official sculpture photos when I receive the first resin cast and can put it on an actual base.


I am in no hurry to bring this to market. I’m definitely waiting until after the holiday period.

For the resin edition I am thinking about ordering 10 pieces only, offering them for sale first-come, first-served and see how that goes. Then I’ll decide how many more I want to have made. I also need to order the black plexiglas bases and will have to fit each resin to its base. (They will look just like the shiny black plexiglas plinths that my Streetwise QH resins were released on.)  I’m guesstimating this first sale will happen in February.

Bone china edition: I have no information about that yet.

Thanks for following my work! Stay tuned here and to my Facebook/Instagram accounts for news.