Denderah Resin Sale Inquiry

Good morning!

I would like to gauge actual interest in the upcoming sale of my new Denderah Arabian stallion sculpture, resin edition. The first 10 are ordered and should be here within weeks. The resin edition will be 40 pieces, but I’m going to sell them in lots of 10 at a time. When I get 10, I will box them up and offer them for sale. The sale price isn’t quite decided on yet (your reply below will help) but it will be between $300 and $400, USA shipping included.

The resin edition is traditional scale, unpainted and unprepped. (You’ll need to sand, primer, and remove all the usual resin casting marks like seams before painting it.) They are cast with strong magnets in the two legs that are on the ground. It has wire reinforcement in the legs and tail. It will come with a rectangular metal base (as shown in the photo, though only about half as thick). The two legs snap right onto the base. The resin will also come with a small metal disc, in case buyers prefer that for standing the piece up.

But if you have serious intent to purchase a Denderah when available this spring, I’d like to know! Please answer the two questions below, and send them to me here: Email Karen

  1. Will you be painting the resin yourself, or having it painted by an artist?
  2. Will you need a time payment option (of 2 months to pay)?

Thank you so much for your help and support. I’m very excited about this new work and can’t wait for them all to arrive!