My Italian Fantasyscape

Wally thinks this is a big yawn, but I’m thrilled to finish this painting!

Today I finally finished this oil painting that I started in March. It’s a composition based on four different photos of the Umbria region of central Italy, that I shot while on a 6-day bike tour we did in 2018. Yes I’m the slowest painter, but I also had a lot of diverse projects all going on at once in the studio this spring and summer. It’s 48″ tall, made specifically for a wall space in our dining room.

This is the main photo that inspired the painting. It’s a hill town called Calvi dell’Umbria.
Here’s a different very small medieval hill town, where I got my reference for the vineyards in the foreground.
This photo has the church and its bell tower, plus good refs for building shapes.
And lastly, a photo I took in the town of Assisi, just because the clouds were so perfect. And begging to be painted.