Fine Bone China “Denderah” Commission Available

UPDATE: Sold, thank you!

I’ve decided to take a commission on my Denderah Arabian stallion sculpture, a very limited edition in fine bone china. To be glazed to the color of your choice.

I want to glaze one this fall but not feeling inspired on color, so you get to choose!

A few overall terms:

  1. Ideally I’d like it to be paid in full by the end of September. I want to have it finished by then because we’re leaving for Arizona and then no more kiln until December! But I may allow more time to pay depending on the commission.
  2. The finish will be glossy.
  3. Email me at or message me on Facebook with a reference photo of your idea, or at least a description of what color you’re thinking of. It can’t be any shade of chestnut, bay, or palomino.
  4. I will choose the proposal I’m interested in and then we’ll discuss price and details. Price range will be $1500-$2500 depending on complexity of color.

Thank you!