Rare opportunity OOAK Breyer OF Shire

Available, my genuine one-of-a-kind Breyer Shire Gelding painted by me at Breyer HQ in 2016.

In case you didn’t know, I’m the sculptor of the Breyer Shire Gelding mold. I was fortunate to paint two OOAK Shires at Breyer’s NJ painting facilities in 2016, the year the mold was introduced.

This one has the mane flights and tail ribbons removed, so he’s also a factory custom. I believe he’s the only OF decorator color painted on this mold so far.

Overall he’s fairly simple paintwork … no fancy mapped markings … but the true stunning beauty I was going for when I painted him, is in the way the aqua undercolor merges with the darker blue top shadings. And it picks up all his sculptural details. I’m a master airbrush artist with over 40 years experience. I added blue PearlEx to the factory paint to give it a light metallic sheen. Heavily glossed and in pristine condition. He’s never been shown and always kept in my cabinet.

He comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Breyer. As with all Breyer factory OOAKs there’s no guarantee that Breyer will never release this model in this color at some point.

This a beloved model from my own collection.

I have a strong offer of 10k for this model. He will sell; there’s no reserve. I will consider offers only until Wednesday March 29 at 12 noon mst. I will personally deliver to Breyerfest in July, no shipping. You can take until July to pay, contact me to discuss payment terms.

Email me with questions and bids: karen@westerlydesign.com