Denderah Bone China Sale Notice

Denderah bone china, No. 1

I’m very excited to offer my Denderah Arabian Stallion sculpture, bone china edition, #1. The edition size isn’t firm at this time, but I’m thinking it will be around 15 pieces, all finished by me in one-of-a-kind colors.

A Slightly Flawed Test Piece

This particular piece, the first one to be glazed, is actually very slightly flawed. It was the first one to be made, so it served as a test for casting, assembly, and firing. The body is ever so very slightly leaning at the cannon bones of the two down legs. Which means the raised hind leg is a tiny bit higher than it should be, and the raised front leg has dropped to where it is nearly touching the base. This is overall a very subtle flaw; the kind of thing that probably only I–the sculptor, intimately familiar with the work–would notice.

So, to compensate for the above, I’ve given it an absolutely splendid color. This is a very fine dappled grey, with the dappling painted in both cool and warm greys as they fade into the white body. I decided to leave a lot of the upper body, mane, and tail in the pure white of the china, so you can appreciate the gorgeous china itself. The base has been painted a bright spring green.

There is no question in my mind, after glazing color onto chinas for 17 years, that the overglaze enamel colors that I use are quite simply made for fine bone china and porcelain, like no other kind of ceramics body. The translucency and bright white of the china plus the glass-like high gloss finish makes these applied colors simply glow. They merge with the gloss finish in a way that makes my horse colors look so different compared to when the exact same glazes are fired into opaque earthenware. It’s hard to explain but when you work with this stuff up close and personal like I do, you see and revel in the results.

How The Sale Works

In my ongoing effort to find a sales method that is easy for me and seems fair, I’m trying something different yet again. This will be a Max Bid Auction.

Starting bid: $700.00. Includes USA FedEx shipping or a majority of the overseas shipping paid.

1. Send via email, the one maximum price you are prepared to pay for this piece. You can only bid one time.
Subject line: Denderah Auction.
Include: Your max bid amount, full name, mailing address, and phone number.

2. Bid Deadline: Tuesday October 6, 2020, 8:00pm Mountain Standard Time.
Email your bid to:

3. After the bidding deadline has passed, I will send an email to all bidders letting them know what the winning bid is or if there is a tie. Those in the tie will be contacted privately about what’s next. Those not in the tie will get an email after the tie break round(s) so you’ll know what it went for.

4. The bidders in the tie break round(s) will be offered the opportunity to submit one more higher bid, within 24 hours. This way even international bidders won’t miss out. The person submitting the highest bid in this round will be the winner. In the case of further ties, more rounds may be necessary.

5. A payment plan of 60 days is offered to the high bidder. You must put 25% down and pay off the balance in 60 days, or the deposit will be forfeit. Full details to be given to the winning bidder.

Many thanks for your interest and support!

Coming soon, Denderah China No.1

I am almost finished glazing the first piece in the Denderah bone china edition. (Right now I’m dithering about whether to put some grey color in the mane and tail or leave it pristine white.)

This one will be for sale. I’m trying something different; it will be a one-bid silent auction. You’ll send in via email your one maximum bid. In the event of a tie for high bid, the two bidders will be asked to bid one more time. Time payments will be accepted.

All details to follow when the piece is finished, probably early next week. Thank you! Send questions to me at

My Italian Fantasyscape

Wally thinks this is a big yawn, but I’m thrilled to finish this painting!

Today I finally finished this oil painting that I started in March. It’s a composition based on four different photos of the Umbria region of central Italy, that I shot while on a 6-day bike tour we did in 2018. Yes I’m the slowest painter, but I also had a lot of diverse projects all going on at once in the studio this spring and summer. It’s 48″ tall, made specifically for a wall space in our dining room.

This is the main photo that inspired the painting. It’s a hill town called Calvi dell’Umbria.
Here’s a different very small medieval hill town, where I got my reference for the vineyards in the foreground.
This photo has the church and its bell tower, plus good refs for building shapes.
And lastly, a photo I took in the town of Assisi, just because the clouds were so perfect. And begging to be painted.

New China Pieces to be Auctioned This Month

I will be selling a few new custom glazed china pieces at auction this month. The first two to go on sale are:

CMG Callahan

CMG Juniper

The Juniper is at auction right now over on my studio Facebook page. It ends Saturday August 22 at 3pm mountain time.

I’m slightly undecided whether the Callahan will go up for auction via an email auction web page here on my site, or again via FB. I’d like to hear from you if you can NOT do FB auctions. That will help my decision. Email Karen

Thank you! I’m working on other pieces, including the first bone china Denderah, which will be up for sale in the coming weeks.

Denderah Resin Nearing The End!



Denderah Resin, painted in oils by Karen Gerhardt

Hello and welcome to summer!

I know this isn’t the summer we expected or wanted. But like everyone else, I’m coping. Some days better than others. I did want to give my heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been so supportive regarding my husband Paul’s lymphoma cancer journey. He completed his last chemo on June 8th and now there’s nothing more to be done except HEAL! Yay!

Today’s message is mainly to let you know that the Denderah resin edition only has 5 pieces left to reserve, in the edition of 40. So if you had any thoughts about ordering one, now’s the time. I’ve been ordering the resins in batches of 10, slowly, as those who have reserved pay for them. There’s no deposit required and I don’t have any difficult or restrictive rules about payment schedules.

As of today, I have two in stock. I don’t plan to order any more until I hear from more people that they are sending payment, so please do let me know if you are getting close to being ready!

Here is the ordering page for Denderah resins.

I think I will be receiving one or two bone china Denderah’s next month! So stay tuned for that! All of those will be custom glazed by me, and when I have one for sale it will be auctioned via my website. I don’t have a set number in the edition but I’m guessing it won’t be all that many. They are proving somewhat difficult to make in bone china, so far.

I plan to start glazing some other chinas in my inventory this summer, and I may open one or two for a commission. Watch my Facebook and Instagram page (@traveldogartpony) for news about that.

Thank you as always for your support!