Boreas Percheron art glaze blue for sale

Now that my kiln has been repaired and is firing ware reliably, I decided I’d better make this one again and offer it for sale! (The other one I tried to make in this color shattered in my malfunctioning kiln.) A gorgeous turquoise blue Boreas Percheron, earthenware china, magnificent in the large scale. There have only been two large-size art glaze Boreas created, as of this writing. I had to go look it up, I was sure I had made more!

9″ tall x 11″ long. Asking $650.00 USA FedEx shipping included. Payment via Paypal, no time payments.

If interested: Email Karen

“If I Could Fly” resin plaque: Sale update and future sales info

“Superman” FLY plaque, painted in oils by Karen (not quite finished yet) donation to The Resin Futurity live show.

UPDATE: All of the first 25 online offering of the “If I Could Fly” resin plaques are reserved.

Here is a direct link to the current sale order page.

How to get one later

I will be taking 20 pieces with me for sale during BreyerFest in Lexington, KY, July 10-14, 2019. I do not have an Artisan’s Gallery table this year, and I’m not staying or selling at the Clarion hotel, so I will be a little harder to track down. 🙂

  1. You can buy them from me from 9-10 am on Thursday, July 11, at the Resin Futurity Live Show, which is a BreyerFest event.Cash only, $35 each. 6 of the FLY plaques will be given out as championship awards at that show. Plus I am donating a painted one (the one in Super Hero colors shown above) to this show. The Resin Futurity (a live show just for artist resins) will be held at the Four Points by Sheraton, 1938 Stanton Way, Lexington, KY. (Across the interstate from the Clarion Hotel.)
  2. You can  send me a Private Message via my Westerly Design Facebook Page any time during the BreyerFest weekend. We can figure out where to meet up. I will be at the Horse Park most all of the day on Friday and Saturday, and will carry a few with me.
  3. You can place an order directly from me at any time. But they won’t be mailed until mid-July. (I’m traveling a lot between now and BreyerFest!)To order Email Karen directly, or send a message via Facebook. They are USA postage paid: $45 each, $70 for two. Inquire if you need higher quantities and international postage. All 100 pieces are cast and in stock. They will be great for gifts to friends, show awards, etc.!

Many thanks for your support!

Email Karen

“If I Could Fly” Winged Horse Resin Plaque, Sale Offering 1

2019 low-relief sculpture of a winged horse in flight

A new sculpture completed in March 2019. It was created mainly to be given away as giftware and show awards, etc. There are 100 total, all cast in medium blue resin; I am retaining approximately 40 pieces. These are the first 25 pieces up for sale now: they are all in stock and will mail as soon as you pay. I will update this page if the 25 pieces sell out.

Dimensions: 12″ long x 4″ tall x .5″ deep. (Yes, it’s BIG!)
Resin cast edition of 100 pieces total.
It is cast in a very attractive and strong medium blue resin.
There will also be a ceramic edition, coming later in the year.


The resin casts are very clean. However, like all resin casts, there will be some pinholes to be filled in and other prepping, prior to applying your primer of choice. DO NOT OVER-SAND the art work. This is a very low relief sculpture, meaning it is like a coin. If you sand the sculpted areas very much, you’ll lose detail right away. I recommend using a very very fine-grain filler (like modeling paste or Bondo) for the pinholes, then sand only those areas with a very fine grit sandpaper, and then spray a light coat of primer. If you do many coats of primer, you will also lose detail.

A “Fly” plaque in progress by Karen in oils, not finished yet!

Purchase Information

PLEASE read everything below before ordering.

1. There are 25 pieces in this initial offering. The plaques are $45.00 each, USA postage included. If you order more than one, you’ll get a discount. If you are overseas, I will get you a postage price.

2. This is an online sale only, all pieces must be mailed. For this initial offering, I am not doing BreyerFest or other location deliveries. You can only have it mailed. I will be selling some in person at BreyerFest, but I don’t want to bring very many. I will post details here and on Facebook/Instagram about when and where in Kentucky I’ll have them available.

3. Payment in full is expected when your order is confirmed. I will reply via email with your total cost and where to send payment. You can pay via PayPal or personal check. No money orders. No time payments.

4. To purchase, fill out the quick form below and click submit.

Questions? Email Karen

By submitting this form you agree to the terms and rules stated above. 

Thank you for your interest!

Karen Gerhardt, Westerly Design equine art

“If I Could Fly” Winged Horse Tile

I’ve had this imagery in my head for over 10 years: A winged horse, soaring, twisting and turning in the air, clearly flying for the joy of it. Because it can fly!!

I’ve tried three times to sculpt this. But I always abandon it because a.) Sculpting wings is annoying and tedious!; b.) Engineering it onto a suitable base that would support the in-flight idea was inevitably not satisfying. I hate clear pegs, posts, rods, and pretty much all bases; c.) It is hard to imagine casting it in ceramic and having any pieces survive!

Last month I had the thought to sculpt this concept into a low-relief tile/plaque. I’ve been needing a new item to use as a giftware item from the studio. (As I celebrate my 60th birthday in April, I’m devoting more of my artistic and hobby energy to Giving Back and Paying Forward.)

Here is the result. It’s still not exactly as I can see it in my mind, but it’s close.


I’ve named the piece “If I Could Fly”, and in resin it measures 4” x 12”. A nice BIG canvas for those who love to paint things!!

It’s going to officially debut this July as the overall champion prizes at The Resin Futurity model horse show, a Breyerfest event. You can buy one of 25 resin casts available at that event… and then from me if you bump into me during Breyerfest. Then another 25 will be for sale on my website July 17th.

I also expect to produce these in ceramic, hopefully porcelain. Plus maybe transparent resin and cast glass!!

They will be primarily used for GIFTING, so that’s why the for-sale quantity next summer is limited.

I’ve started painting one in acrylics and oils:


Just think of how many great ways the sky alone could be painted!

Keep following, for more details. Westerly Design is on Facebook, and I’m now on Instagram: @traveldogartpony.




Custom Glazed “Sencillo” at Auction

Here is a newly completed custom glaze project, now up for sale in a website-based online auction. 

AUCTION ENDS:Sunday, October 7, 2018, at 6 pm MST.
UPDATE: AUCTION HAS ENDED with the buy it now option.

This is a very rare china “Sencillo” Mustang sculpted by Jennifer Scott, of Aspen Leaf Studios. (The link sends you to the Sencillo bone china edition page.) There were only 10 OFs made in one colorway, and no update on how many CMG pieces are out there. It was cast in fine English bone china by Animal Artistry, and Jennifer generously made one of the bisques (without the base) available to me as a guest finisher.

This one has been glazed by me to a glossy finish bay roan tobiano. It is a wonderful sculpture and was a pleasure to glaze. 

I’m holding a web-based best offers auction for this guy. Please go to this link for all the details.


Custom Glaze Commission Chosen

I made my decision about which china piece to glaze (from a group of GREAT proposals). The owner of the chosen one has already been contacted privately.

Many, many, thanks to everyone who sent in an idea. I want to let you know that I am keeping ALL of them here in a folder, and I may still contact you at some other time to glaze your chinas.

I decided to not take on more than one this season, because I do have some glazing projects of my own I want very much to complete. My #1 priority for this fall is to finish this new action Arabian sculpture, tentatively named “Ghazir” which means “exultant, rapturous, cheerful, exuberant” in Arabic.


I hope you have a wonderful autumn season. It’s my favorite time of year here in the Colorado High Country. As the Aspens start turning all shades of gold and orange, we are on the lookout for the first signs of snow on the high peaks!

Reminder: CMG commission proposals due Sept 1st

A quick reminder that the deadline to get a proposal in to me for a custom glazing commission is September 1st. A week from today.

I have received many great ideas so far and I might choose two instead of just one! So give it a shot. You may discover it’s not that expensive, since you own the china bisque and I just do the glazing.

Go to the original commission blog post for all details.

Thank you!