Denderah Resin Sale Inquiry

Good morning!

I would like to gauge actual interest in the upcoming sale of my new Denderah Arabian stallion sculpture, resin edition. The first 10 are ordered and should be here within weeks. The resin edition will be 40 pieces, but I’m going to sell them in lots of 10 at a time. When I get 10, I will box them up and offer them for sale. The sale price isn’t quite decided on yet (your reply below will help) but it will be between $300 and $400, USA shipping included.

The resin edition is traditional scale, unpainted and unprepped. (You’ll need to sand, primer, and remove all the usual resin casting marks like seams before painting it.) They are cast with strong magnets in the two legs that are on the ground. It has wire reinforcement in the legs and tail. It will come with a rectangular metal base (as shown in the photo, though only about half as thick). The two legs snap right onto the base. The resin will also come with a small metal disc, in case buyers prefer that for standing the piece up.

But if you have serious intent to purchase a Denderah when available this spring, I’d like to know! Please answer the two questions below, and send them to me here: Email Karen

  1. Will you be painting the resin yourself, or having it painted by an artist?
  2. Will you need a time payment option (of 2 months to pay)?

Thank you so much for your help and support. I’m very excited about this new work and can’t wait for them all to arrive!


Auction: First Choice of Denderah CMG China

Auction has ended. Winning bid is $1500, bidder #03

Photos shown are of the resin master sculpture which will be used for our bone china production by Animal Artistry of England


At Auction: The right of purchase and exclusive first choice of one of the three debut custom glazed Denderah Arabian stallions in fine bone china!

Do you like to gamble? As in: not knowing what the three color choices will be? Well that’s the deal! You can bid to own the first Denderah to be released in this new bone china edition. Your bid includes the purchase price you are willing to pay, along with the privilege of having first choice among the three CMG’s… revealed at Breyerfest in July.

The three pieces will be on display to everyone at the Westerly Design booth at the Breyerfest Artisans’ Gallery, starting on Thursday July 9th, 2020. This event takes place at the Clarion Hotel (Breyerfest’s host hotel), Newtown Pike, Lexington, KY. The Gallery opens at 5:30 pm on Thursday.

As the high bidder, you’ll then have until the following night, Friday, July 10th at 9pm, to view them and decide. You will announce your choice in public at the Westerly Design Artisans’ Gallery booth on Friday, July 10th, at 9pm. (The Artisans’ Gallery opens at 7pm on Friday and Saturday nights.)

There is NO proxy bidding or pickup. You, the high bidder, must be present in July to make your choice and take your Denderah home.

All Denderah’s in the bone china edition will be OOAK custom glazed pieces by Karen. The first three colors released will be a mix of realistic purebred or partbred Arabian horse colors (no art glazes or fantasy colors). The colors will not be previewed or shown anywhere before July 9th. (I reserve the right to glaze one for MYSELF –not for sale– before July, which might be shown on social media.) The other two Denderah chinas will be available for sale on Friday after the choice is made, first come, first served, cash or Paypal.

I estimate the total Denderah bone china edition will be around 15 pieces. It will take me years to glaze them, so if you can’t come to Kentucky for the debut there will be many other chances to get one, sold mostly online via this website/blog mailing list.

AUCTION ENDS: Sunday, January 26, 2020, at 4 pm MST

Bidding Information
PLEASE read everything below before bidding. I’m not responsible for mistakes made or misunderstandings on your part, if you have not read the rules.

1. This is an online auction being conducted via EMAILs only. Use the contact form below to register and place your FIRST bid. When I receive your first bid I will reply to your email. You will be given an anonymous bidder number which you will use to track your bidding status on this web page. You’ll also be given the email address to use for further bidding, and other instructions.

2. Bidding Rules: Bids will be accepted in minimum $5.00 increments ONLY. So if you want to up your bid at any point, it has to be a minimum of $5.00 higher. That means no bids of $123.50, etc.

3. During the auction, you will NOT be notified personally via email if your bid is now the high bid, or any time you’ve been outbid. I will only reply to confirm each time that your email bid was received. You’ll need to bookmark this page and check it/keep refreshing it for the current high bid status. Remember your auction ID number, too!

4. AUCTION ENDS: Sunday, January 26, 2020, at 4:00 pm, Mountain Standard time. (That’s two hours earlier than Eastern time, one hour later than Pacific time.)

The email received at the time closest to the end time of 4:00 pm MST will be the winning bid. The winning bidder will be notified right away by email, and the high/winning bid will be announced on this page. All emails of all bids received will be printed out and kept as proof of a fair bidding process if needed.

5. I will post to the top of this page the current high bid and the entire bidding history as often as I can, probably quite soon after I receive it, until the end time of Sunday, January 26 at 4:00 pm MST.

6. Starting Bid: $850.00. There is no reserve.

7. Payment terms: 25% of the high bid price is required via PayPal on January 31, 2020. Then the full balance will be due on June 1, 2020.

You may make payments according to any schedule you like, up until June 1, 2020. You can pay it all at once on June 1, if you like. The deposit must be via PayPal, but all other payments after the deposit can also be made by personal check if desired.

8. If you fail to pay the balance on June 1, the right to purchase will be revoked, any payments made up until that date will be refunded/returned, but the 25% deposit will NOT refunded/returned. No exceptions or extensions. Be absolutely sure you can meet your commitment, or do not bid. Time payment is offered a courtesy to buyers; please respect/honor it.

9. In the small chance that anything should go wrong or take longer in china production which would affect finishing in time for the July debut, then all funds will be returned to the high bidder. Funds from the high bidder will be kept in our account until all three china whiteware pieces are safely delivered here for glazing.

Questions? Email Karen

Register to Bid:


By submitting this form you agree to the terms and rules stated above. You will receive an email that contains your Anonymous Bidder Number. The Current High Bid will be posted at the top of this page.

Thank you for your interest!

Karen Gerhardt, Westerly Design equine art


Boreas Percheron China in Cobalt Blue Available


Here is a fabulous Boreas Percheron in earthenware ceramic, with a deep cobalt blue glaze. My Boreas mold is degrading fast so I don’t think there will be many more of these made. These art glaze colors are super popular (and I love them too) and this BIG boy looks especially good in blue!

I’m asking $525 USA shipping included. I do ship overseas and can get you a price for that.

Paypal is the form of payment accepted. If you are interested: Email Karen

Two “Fly” Tiles Available

Update: Both are sold

Here are the first two ceramic versions of my “If I Could Fly” pegasus bas relief tile. They are for sale at $200 each USA postage paid.

One is green and the other is a dusky teal color. The teal one is in a crackle glaze though the crackling is subtle. Note: these photos make the teal look a little more blue than it actually is. My camera was having trouble seeing this color!

They are each mounted into a 12″ x 4″ x 2″ black wood frame. It can be stood on a tabletop or mounted on the wall.

Paypal is the form of payment accepted. If you are interested: Email Karen

Green FLY tile

Green FLY tile

Dusky Teal FLY Tile

Dusky Teal FLY Tile