Live from the Pod

I bought an Apple iPod Touch about a month ago and keep learning about new apps for it. I was thrilled to find that WordPress has one, which is where this blog is hosted. This means I can now write new blog entries “on the go”!!! My work life has changed a lot since I retired from graphic design and I need my laptop less and less. And I am already in love with doing everything from my so-portable iPod!!

I can take photos and send them to this blog along with my news. Maybe I will write more blog entries now too…

Ski season starts for us next week and I start my volunteer job at Beaver Creek ski area on Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to meeting other “locals” through the program and building a new social life.

On the art front: I’m all over the place with different projects but not working too hard on any one thing. I have 2 custom glazed china commissions promised this month. I’ve been working on a new oil painting of a scene I shot in Cornwall. I’m experimenting with painting a Roundabout resin in oils. I have been fooling around with some clay hand-building of some sculptures. (Not of horses!) I am hoping for word of the Roundie china molds soon. I feel like I don’t want to glaze anything much at the moment so I think perhaps I am waiting for Roundie.

Well, thanks for reading my test of my first via-iPod entry!

Here is a test photo. It is from our vacation to the Florida Keys last week (and the only photo on my pod at the moment).