The Sculpture Morgue

Over the last year or so, the top of this long set of cabinets under the window in the other part of my studio has become what I think of as The Sculpture Morgue. I currently have 3 horse-shaped armatures for sculpture, and they would get parked there between work sessions (rather than tidying them away out of sight). Right now, it is the genuine sculpture morgue because none of them contain work I plan to continue with or finish. Even the horse I had started in September has completely lost it’s direction.

I just can’t get into sculpting “yet another realistic horse”. Time to move on is a tough conclusion to come to. And striking out into uncharted waters is scary! It is far easier to be complacent (and stagnate) in the safe familiar place. I may never find anyone who wants what I create… but like many artists and creative people, I have to be creating something or I won’t be true to who/what I am. So I might as well create what makes me happy. (How many times to I have to keep reminding myself of that??)