Hot Kiln and Cold World This Week

It is nice to be firing the kiln this week— we have cold temperatures and about 10″ of snow on the ground, and I like going out into the garage when it is all warmed up by the kiln!

I can’t keep my snow-dog KitKat in the house. He’s made tons of doggie snow-angels all over the back yard—he delights in rolling and burying his face in it. We’ve been having some hugely fun walks and romps out in Boulder open space and the nearby park. With his coat, he is certainly built for snow and cold weather. He’s not the same dog at all in July!

I have 3 glazing commissions on the schedule for December completion, and they are coming along nicely.

The first is one of my “Optime” sculptures in bone china, to be glazed a subtly-dappled bay silver. Here it is, with a few firing layers of the red-bay undertones. The next firing will be with black to shade and deepen it.

Next is a “Halfling Boreas”, in a dark dappled grey with the striking contrast of white mane, tail, and stockings. Because I need something to hold onto while painting, his front legs aren’t glazed yet!

Last, is a sculpture by artist Brigitte Eberl, cast in bone china by Horsing Around, that I am glazing for a client to a dark chocolate-y sorrel. This is the first layer of gold color which I want to show through the darker final coat color. So, this went on first (along with some dappling on the barrel).

These should all be finished next week, just before I must head east to spend Christmas with my in-laws in upstate New York.

I also built the armature for my new “not a horse” sculpture this week. Winter is a very productive time for me; for some reason seeing snow outside gets me all charged up to create things!