Imperium Post #2

OK, true to my word, I actually spent a couple hours on the “Imperium” sculpture today! I always forget how much I enjoy working the clay once I get going on it; but for some reason I am a terrible procrastinator about getting going on each session!

At this very early stage, all I am interested in doing is finding out whether this “idea” is going to have legs with me. Whether I am going to buy into it enough to pursue it to the end. It really has to speak to me (though I hate using that kind of arty-jargon)! So I am not concerned much at all with any details, just the big picture. I don’t sketch (on paper) my sculpture ideas at all, ever, so I guess this is sort of my sketching-out stage. Here is how it looks after a couple hours “courting” this idea. Will I want to fall in love with it?

Funny, how when you take a photo of a sculpture sometimes you see it so differently. Is it the camera lens or my eyes, that actually show the truth? I know some people rely on photographs to help reveal flaws in their work, but I remain very skeptical and prefer to trust my eyes first. (I know for a fact that my camera “bloats” its photos somewhat, making the center closer than the 2 sides, which doesn’t help.)

Even though I’m not supposed to be fixating on this stuff at this point, I see that UGH the body isn’t long enough and UGH the head is too large/massive. (Possibly one is influencing the other into wrongness.) Oh well, those issues require a lot of work but thank God for non-hardening clay; it is soooo easy to change things around. The important thing is that I think I could love this idea enough to continue.

I’ll let you think about what horse breed I’m actually going for…! (Hint: I am not sculpting a historic “Roman” horse or an Italian horse breed.)

Oh, and because this is just the idea-play stage, I have only worked one side!

Does this mean I’m only working in about 2 1/2 dimensions instead of 3?