Imperium Sculpture Wakes up

What a difference a day makes.
I walked into my studio yesterday morning, took one look at “The Imp”, and what I saw was… “Booooooring!”

What I wanted to see instead was some action!
I know what I need right now in my equine sculpting life/evolution, is to be seriously challenged. To get pushed right out of my little cozy comfort zone, or I pretty soon am just going to end up not sculpting horses at all. For me to attempt to sculpt a heavy warmblood-type stallion who is starting to turn/pivot as his head swings around to look at something, is about as challenging as I can get as far as horse anatomy and biomechanics is concerned. I will likely fail… but wow I love the movement so far and you should have seen the clay being flung about and my hands flying as I strove to get the clay to do what I was seeing in my head!

Unfortunately I had to stop before I could get into the back half of the horse and work out what those back legs should be doing. Yesterday I strained my back trying to lift a 5-gallon bucket of earthenware slip (what was I thinking??), so it hurts to work in an upright-back position too long. (I had to stand to do this much, sitting is worse!)

Anyway, wheee I’m really excited now!