Oh drat, it’s Friday!

BLimperclay2 BLimperclay3
The odd thing about this new clay horse is, that I keep having this itchy feeling that I have seen it before. I hope it is not because it is too similar to someone else’s sculpture!! Or maybe it has been lurking in the back of my mind these last 2 years of hopelessly non-starter sculptures and not wanting to sculpt at all? Waiting for the right time? Maybe so, because I am incredibly charged up about this one and I am actually disappointed it’s now Friday night and the weekend is here. That means it is now “quality family time” and I won’t get back to the studio until Monday. And oooh I don’t want to wait that long!

I got some more time on the sculpture this week mainly because my air compressor decided to stop working. (Maybe protesting the heat wave!) So it’s in the shop, and I get to do things like sculpt and cast Keeshond tiles instead. Never mind that I have 4 china horses I really wanted to get started now. The last thing I did before the compressor failed was spray clear gloss glaze on a whole batch of horses, so I’m surrounded by these lovely shiny white horses at the moment! They all look so wonderful in glossy white, sometimes I wonder why anyone would want to color them.